Certified Insight Coach

Today, I graduate from my 16-week coaching academy.

In this time, I’ve received a ridiculous amount of training, made friends with coaches on six different continents, and leveled up as a coach and a business owner tremendously.

Each week, we turn in our report. Here’s my last one:

What did you learn?

I learned firsthand:

  • that you can do anything well if you’re willing to practice it every single week.
  • that mistakes, No’s, rejections, ruts, doubts, fears…are all fuel.
  • how to run and grow a sustainable business with zero advertising or promoting.
  • how to stand up for myself—my time, my energy, and my life.
  • that I don’t have to do more or work harder to get what I want.
  • how to run a group call.
  • how to ask for what I want.
  • how to be an effective speaker, communicator, and coach.
  • how to run toward the things that scare me—proposals, asking to connect, inviting people to coaching sessions, and giving feedback (all of which I LOVE doing now).
  • what it’s like to have a family of friends and colleagues I’ve never even met before.
  • how to provide the space.
  • how to be a leader.
  • that I don’t need to know how to do something in order to do it.
  • that it’s okay to be scared, so long as it doesn’t keep you from taking action.
  • how to Vox John so much that he asks everyone to stop Voxing him as much.
  • that no matter how unprepared, terrified, or confused I am…I’m ready.
  • that I’m damn good at this.
  • that I know so much.
  • that I know so little.

And who did you become?

I became:

  • an extraordinary coach.
  • an effective business owner.
  • enriched by this process.
  • humbled by the same process.
  • a certified Insight Coach (duh).
  • wildly confident when: coaching anyone, helping coaches, and sharing my thoughts and stories.
  • a member of the ICC team!
  • so good at chess that I destroy Tomas every time we play (can you believe he’s a chess tutor?).
  • someone who runs workshops and group calls.
  • a guy who is fearless and terrified at the same damn time.
  • the best version of myself I’ve ever encountered.
  • even funnier than I already was (which I thought was impossible).
  • a mentor, a mentee, and a friend.
  • a master.
  • a life-long student.

Today is graduation day, but I feel like the party is only getting started!