Dillan Taylor smiling
Dillan Taylor

Hi friends (or enemies). I’m Dill.

For 23 years, I was an absolute mess. With no values and no direction, it felt as though I was being pulled wherever life decided to drag me. I had plenty of fun and made many deep connections, but I had no clue what I wanted out of life or out of myself.

The chaos and disorder built up year after year; until eventually, it caught up to me and everything came crashing down.

In the summer of 2017, I failed out of college. I was forced to move back home to mom’s place. I owed $70,000 in student loans for a degree I did not earn. The woman I thought I would eventually marry broke up with me. I had no job, no plan, and no sense of worth. It was my rock bottom.

There were plans of suicide. There were plans of running away…

Then one day, I came to grips with the fact that I only had two options.

Option 1: Live like this forever. Change nothing. Accept the darkness.

Option 2: Start taking steps to take control and create a life for myself. Kick life out of the driver seat, and take the wheel.

I chose Option 2.

By no means am I a success story, but in the years since that summer I’ve realized something otherworldly:

If you develop the right habits, if you create the proper systems…you can create the life you want to live.

It’s not easy. Not at all. But it’s simple.

As corny as it sounds, I see life as a mountain. You can never reach the peak, but you can always travel higher or lower up and down the mountain. 

I climb it every day, and my life’s purpose is to encourage others to climb the mountain with me.

I’m no expert. I’m no enigma. There’s nothing innately special about me…

I’ve just created the proper habits and systems to carve out an incredibly happy and healthy life. You can too. 

If I can do it, anyone can do it.

Let’s climb the mountain.